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Im only posting this thread so i can find out wat i need to change in my deck. i go to tornemnets at heros and fansties. After u see my cards tell me wat i should change. :D. Plus to rate it if u need to no the effects reply.


Magicians Valkyria lv 4

Gren Maju Da Eiza lv 3

Arcana Force XIV- Temerance lv 6

Volcanic Scattershot lv 2

Dust Barrier (Spell)

Heavy Storm (Spell)

D.D.M. lv 5

Destruction of Destiny (Trap)

Electric Virus lv 3

Wall of Revealing Light (Trap)

Dark Core (Spell)

Dimensional Fissure (Spell)

Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke. lv 4

Rallis The Star Bird lv 3

Monster Reborn (Magic)

A Hero Emerges (Trap)

Final Destiny (Magic)

Swords of Revealing Light (Spell)

Seven Tools of The Bandit (Trap)

Flame Ogre lv 7

Just Desserts (Trap).

Giant Soldier of Stone Lv 3

Reinforcements (Trap)

Trap Hole (Trap)

Jar of Greed (Trap)

Sonic Shooter lv 4

Exiled Force lv 4

Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning Lv 8 (Banned in tornements but not where i go.)

Man Eater Bug Lv 2

Solar Flare Dragon Lv 4

D.D Warrior Lady Lv 4

Blasting to Ruins (Trap)

Reliable Guardian (Spell)

Mystical Knight of Jackal Lv 7

Dust Tornado (Trap)

Rush Recklessly (Magic)

Spear Dragon Lv 4

Necroface lv4

Gladiator Beast Samite Lv 3

Twin Sword Marauder lv 4 ............ My Back hurts

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If your back hurst you should stop spending so much time on it.....


On Topic:What synchro said except ill change "wrong deck" to "YOUR DECK SUCKS MY ROYAL SWAMP EEL!!!!!!" (lol two suggestive jokes in one post im on fire!)

Yes Kira, welcome to the My Deck forum. This is what it's like normally. This or created cards....

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lol I thought you would say somthing more like "Welcome to manhood and the sugestive jokes that come with it" then post a random suggestive joke like "What do you call a prostitute with her hands down her skirt? Self Employed."


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