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OK, someone is BOUND to yell at you for this, so before I go to bed tonight (it's almost 2 in the morning now, gosh how time flies) . . .


IN THE FUTURE, DO NOT USE ATTACHMENTS. If you want to share a card, click on the card's image in the card-maker and in a bit an IMG code will be generated directly beneath it that can be copied and then pasted into a message so that it will appear in the post. I'd demonstrate but that'd just be tasteless of me (etiquette/rule around here: don't post your cards in someone else's forum without their permission).


In this manner, a poster is able to show their cards WITHOUT J. Random Forumgoer having to download it or be forced to open it in an application (which is actually too much hassle for a lot of people, not to mention some peoples' firewalls might be a little paranoid about it).


Try to keep this in mind in the future and you might get more reviews of your cards (as well as more critique, something that most people enjoy getting to become better Cardmakers).

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