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The Waking of the Dragons Cards


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These are [email protected] like the Yu-gi-oh show has them.



Terrible pics.


...what I meant by [email protected]





Really' date=' just screw this and go for something new. ;)



They were the best pics I could find. Well, scrap The Three Dragons, then.

You can make it' date=' but just promise me this:


That your next card will have-

A good pic ;)

A good effect ;)

Would at least get a 5/10 ;)



Well, I'll just try it then.

Well, I'm crossing my fingers on this.......here it is.



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Say, I found something out about Exodia the Forbidden One, by looking in a dictionary: His name is made up of two Greek words: Exo and Dia. Exo means: To go, and Dia means: Through. Basically, his name means, to go through.

Okay first of all' date=' the entire idea is stupid, secondly the images are horrid, thirdly the effects are too unrealistic for this section, fourthly STOP WITH THE MULTIPLE POSTS v.v



Will do. And by the way, I gave up on the idea of the Waking of the Dragons A LONG TIME before you came to chew me out. What the heck am I even still DOING on this thread?!

Is there a way to delete threads? I mean, why keep it open if the idea sank like a rock!

I am leaving the Waking of the Dragons thread, and will NOT return to it, to show complete and utter abandenment to the idea.

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