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Holo Duel Contest


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I am devising a new form of dueling called "Holo Dueling." Here's the rundown.

1) Each Deck has 15-25 cards. With about 5-10 monster cards and 10-15 Spell cards.

2) The duel disk is called a "HoloCuff" which includes a deck holder, a field card zone, one Equip Spell zone, one Monster Card zone, Activator Buttons (including Anti-Trap Button, Anti-Spell Button, Draw Button, Monster Activator/ Monster Upgrade Button, and Equip Activator/ Equip Upgrade Button), Attack and Defense display, and Life Points indicator.

3) The Deck consists of only humanoid monsters. When a monster is summoned the duelist becomes the monster (which would only happen in a game, anime or manga). To summon a different monster, you must use the "Upgrade Button" which only activates when you have survived for the same number of turns as your current monster's level. You always start as your weakest monster (level 1). The level of an upgraded monster must be equal to or less then your current level plus the number of turns since your Upgrade Button activated.

4) The only non-monster cards that NORMAL duelists can play are Field and Equip Spell cards.

5) Anti-Spell and Trap buttons can be activated at any time as long as they are lit. You start the duel with both buttons activated. After they are activated, they will relight after a number of turns equal to the negated card's level.

6) Spell and Traps all have levels like monster cards.

7) Cards are usually kept in hard cases.

8 ) There is no hand except if you draw a monster that you cannot summon or an Equip Spell if it cannot be activated.

9) Each Deck has a maximum of 1 Field Spell and it only effects the controller.

10) Equip Spell cards are activated in the same manner as monster cards (levels and upgrading)

11) When a player has a card in their hand that they cannot play, they cannot add another card of that type (Equip or Monster) to their hand. If you draw another card of that type you may choose between the two and must send one to the bottom of the deck.

12) You loose when your monster is defeated or your Life Points reach 0.

13) Each player starts with 4000 Life Points.

14) You must use the activator buttons for monsters and equips but Field Spells are automatically activated.




I'm still refining the rules and will update any changes but this is what I have so far. I'm open to suggestions.


Okay so now that that is out of the way, here's the contest:

1) Design monsters that are compatible with Holo Dueling

2) Design a new card format for Spells, Monsters and Traps.


1) All monsters must be HUMANOID

2) Humanoid versions of real monsters ARE accepted

3) Keep it clean, I know what happens when you search anything "Anime" on google images.


Feel free to post any questions or comments as well.

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This is long and expensive noone is going to join just to tell you try shortning it down alot


It's not meant to become anything more then an idea right now. My friend and I are working on making HoloCuffs (all we need is the displays for the life points and attack and defense.). This is just a contest so we can have some cards to use for our initial testing.

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Good luck with this! I look forward to trying it with you...right now? Sure! But we could try going for Yugioh Desktop, put that onto the google search and you'll understand what I'm getting at. ;)


P.S: Don't let al9090 get to you, he's just an jabroni + all genuises are is 1% inspiration 99% persperation anyway. :D


P.S.S: Just kidding, al9090, we love you, you just need to go easy on people, k?...Please don't kill me.

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