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My Deck!!!


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Monster Cards


Dark Magician x 2

Elemental Hero Neos

Sillva, Warlord od Dark World

Dark Eradicator Warlock


Megarock Dragon


B. Eyes Shining Dragon

Master Monk

Monk fighter

lord of d. x 2

giant kozacky

gaia the fierce knight

skilled dark magician x 2

skilled white magician

Cyber End Dragon

Cyber Dragon x 3

curse of dragon

summoned skull


Spell/Trap Crads


Gravity bind

Mystical space typhoon x 3

Dark magic attack

hammer shot x 2

ultimate offering

pot of greed

torrential tribute

sakuretsu armor x 2

magic jammer

heavy storm x 2

ookazi x 2

monster reborn x 3

swords of revealing light

call of the haunted x 2

dian keto

flute of summoning dragon

change of heart x 2


trap hole x 2

reload x 3

just desserts

mesmic control

lightning vortex


magic cylinders

dust tornado x 2

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Monster Cards


Dark Magician x 2-------------------EW!

Elemental Hero Neos----------------Uh...

Sillva' date=' Warlord od Dark World--------HAH!

Dark Eradicator Warlock-------------NO WAY!


Megarock Dragon-------------------You have NO ROCKS!


B. Eyes Shining Dragon-------------Who Runs this?!!

Master Monk-----------------------HAH!

Monk fighter-----------------------blubber.

lord of d. x 2----------------------Okay???????

giant kozacky---------------------I cannot believe that

gaia the fierce knight--------------lol

skilled dark magician x 2--------------Helps DM but bad in this Deck

skilled white magician---------------ROFLMAO

Cyber End Dragon------------------He's A Fusion?

Cyber Dragon x 3------------------Limited to 1 Boyah!

curse of dragon---------------------Gross

summoned skull---------------------Crush card says sup!


[u']Spell/Trap Crads[/u]


Gravity bind---------------Even though ALMOST ALL your cards are lv4+

Mystical space typhoon x 3------------Limited to 1

Dark magic attack-----------------Wel......no

hammer shot x 2-------------------Committed suicide

ultimate offering-------------------bad

pot of greed----------------------BANNED

torrential tribute------------------Something right!!! FINALLY!

sakuretsu armor x 2---------Dimensional Prison wants to sub iN!!!!!

magic jammer---------------------gross

heavy storm x 2-------------------LIMITED!!! READ THE LISTS

ookazi x 2------------------------WHAT???

monster reborn x 3----------------LIMITED TO 1!!!! O MY GOSH

swords of revealing light-----------Terrible

call of the haunted x 2-------------BANNED!!!

dian keto-------------------------OK TERRIBLE

flute of summoning dragon---------WOW

change of heart x 2---------------BANNED


trap hole x 2---------------------nope

reload x 3------------------------DEFINITELY NOPE

just desserts---------------------HORRIBLE

mesmic control--------------------Why?!!!

lightning vortex------------------..meh

ploymerization-------------------Do I even have to say it?

magic cylinders---Proof you're a noob, specially since you made it plural.

dust tornado x 2-----------------NO!


All in all.





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