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Rescue Assault!!!


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Check out my assault deck:



[align=center]Monsters: 21

II Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode II

II Destiny Hero - Malicious II

I Destiny Hero - Dasher I

III X-Saber Airbellum III

III Krebons III

II Caius the Shadow Monarch II

II Raiza the Storm Monarch II

II Necro Gardna II

I Elemental Hero Stratos I

I D.D. Warrior Lady I

II Rescue Cat II


Spells: 13

II Allure of Darkness II

II Destiny Draw II

I Brain Control I

I Reinforcement of the Army I

I Heavy Storm I

I Monster Reborn

I Mystical Space Typhoon I

I Brain Control I

II Soul Exchange II

I Smashing Ground I


Traps: 8

II Assault Mode Activate II

III Solemn Judgment III

I Mirror Force I

I Torrential Tribute I

I Crush Card Virus I


Extra Deck: 15

III Stardust Dragon III

III Dark Strike Fighter III

II Black Rose Dragon II

II Thought Ruler Archfiend II

I Goyo Guardian I

II Colossal Fighter II

II Gaia Knight, The Force of Earth II[/align]

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