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[ Tag Team Card? WTF?!?! ] 2 / ?

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- Effect -

This card can Only be Normal Summon or Set by Tributing 2 of your Partners Monsters in a Tag-Team Duel. Once per Turn, During your or your Partners Standby-Phase, They can both Select and add 1 card from Your hand to There hand ( and Vice-Versa ). This card can attack while in Defense, If you do, use the DEF of this card for your Attack.






- Effect -

This card can only be Summoned to your Partners Field during a Tag-Team Duel, You can Still Activate this cards Effect. Each time your Opponent End there Turn, Look at There Set Cards. Once per turn you can Activate 1 of your Opponents Spell or Trap cards by Discarding 3 cards.




FW Pics, i Edited it.

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