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Warrior_Tal v.s. ~xXDevilsDestroyerXx~ (1 on 1)


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If you wish to challenge me post a message here and then PM me your cards.




The winner will get 3 reps from the looser. While the looser will get 2 reps for at least trying. If it is a draw then both players will get 3 reps.




This is how it is going to play out with the cards. It can be a normal-type or an effect-type monster. If it is an effect-type monster the card must hold one sentence dealing with of how it cane be summond to the field. The card can only have a total of two-three sentences containing the effect of what the card can do. The monster-card must also have two support cards to go with it. This means a spell or trap card that helps the monster or some other means. Good luck!!!!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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