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{REQ} Sig and Avatar, paying quite a lot{REQ} LOCK


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I would like to have a Sig and Avatar, im not really good with renders so if you could also kindly render the image.


Type of Graphic: (I guess the Render as well) Sig and Avatar.

Render / Image: [spoiler=Please Render this]2eow5lu.png


Size: I don't care as long as it is an average sig size.

Text: Nothing.

Colours: Something that goes well with the image.

Requested Artist: Anyone really good.

Payment: Between 600 and 1500 points


I already have Creed trying but i would like to see other people's.


I will only pay the amount to one person which will be between 600-1500, most likely around 1000-1200 to the best one.


Anything i missed or have any questions, just ask

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Well i got some hard choices, quite good Creed :).


Avi 1 looks the same as Avi 2, i think you just put the wrong one in for Avi 2.


I will soon be thinking of which one to pick, Sid needs to post his as well and dotCUBED.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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