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Viles "The Niteshroud" Prowler ( mah custom sonic character)


how is it?  

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i drew this character in my spare time (it's summer so I have a lot!). i came up with a backstory but no name. That's where you guys come in! I need a name to go with my character for a flash I have planned, and I want you guys to think it up! I don't have a scanner so live with this photo.



tail's older brother, he ran away before tails was born. he lived on the streets, constantly fighting to stay alive. tails grew up with a friend in sonic, causing my character to hate the two, for he never had friends and always had to fend for himself. he eventually met shadow, who became his one friend. he has a dark soul due to his hatred against anyone that is better than him.


Put on your thinking caps!

V2 added, he's about to shoot something!38409798.jpg

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NYEEEH! I used some of tails features, and he was beat up so much, maybe he lost his tails. there's no telling what's under his hat. i think he looks enough like a fox, kay?

you guys are great! fan characters of your own are welcome for the flash, too, and I may make an RP

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niteshroud is good, nails fits a bit with tails........

of course no good parents would name their kids that.

i'll choose the ailias

meanwhile i need a real name like tails had miles. not to evil, his parents didn't know he'd be evil.

srry but tike sounds like a little kid. he's about 22, 14 years older than tails.

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Stopped more so to just ask you Killermurch if you could go drop by our contest and answer my question.


To be fair though, I'll jump over to the topic. The concept is nice, but the lack of tails is kind of ironic. Perhaps his missing tail is the ones Tail's has =P


It's a bit odd that he'd have have black fur too, Foxes generally don't have black fur, and I would think he'd have the same color as Tails. Then again I guess since Tails is such a mutant, his brother would be too =P


I don't get why he has jet shoes, I'm pretty sure those aren't something just anyone can get, Shadow just kind of had them built in.


As for a name, it's best to not go off of a pun based on "Tails", at least not for his true name. Tails himself is actually named Miles, so if like in most media the siblings have themed names, the name should go off of Miles. So I guess a few could be:


Viles Prower

Riles Prower

Wiles Prower

Mires Prower

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