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Good Card?


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My second card. Don't know if it's useful though.





You and your opponent must agree and handshake in order to set these following rules:


*You do not need to tribute in order to summon any monster.


*You cannot play any spell or trap cards.


*If a monster was to attack, you can negate the attack by using heads or tails. Heads to negate attack and Tails to continue the attack.

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Eh. this isnt really a good card its overpowering and makes you underpowered at the same time


effect #2- unrealistic srry

effect #3- should read "If a monster attacks flip a coin. If the coin lands on head the attack is negated, if the coin lands of tails the attack continues." or something like that.


Im sorry but i'd have to rate this a 4/10

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