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Another random card i made...UPDATED


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(the "Rune" spell cards might appear in a new set if you like this card *EDIT: i think that set will never be finished...creativity left me...probably i'll never make a full set...i'm not that creative)


[spoiler=First try of making a "Rune" Spell Card]made it real quick (about 3min for the pic and text)...and tried to involve the real meanings and relations of the rune...othala stands for endurance (1st ability), the "goddes" of the past and contact to the ancestors (Graveyard - Special Summon ability)




please rate...positive ratings, negative ratings, everything's welcome...just tell me how to improve it...


[spoiler=IMG cred]took that guy from a game called Cabal online...the BG of the pic is made by me


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Change the 2nd sentence to "If this Attack Position card is selected as an attack target, it gains 200 ATK for each "Rune" Spell Card in your Graveyard during the Damage Step only.


Set ID prefix should be 4 characters as every single one of the latest sets for quite some time now uses a 4 character Set ID prefix. ;)


Not bad, might want to make the "Rune" Spell Cards to go with it though. ^^

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ok thx ~ P O L A R I S ~...updated it again


didn't know about that 4 character set ID prefix...i never played yugioh and i never called some yugioh cards my own except of a Dark Magician which a classmate of mine "donated" a few years ago :D


@macsmack: what's that bad about that pic? explain yourself


*EDIT: First try of making a rune spell card added*

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