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how do i get people to look at my cards



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they won't look at your card's because this forum full of damn dumb idiot's people 6 years old


And how old are you? five? Six? kid there are 16-19 year olds here yet your a one star member who don't know anyone yet you constiapte the fact that we are all kids because we are on a Yugioh site....anyhow yes just advertise

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All of thesse are a really good ideas, how I get my cards to become known, well that is easy get some High Leveled Friends who know there way around YCM, then i suggest you pm somebody who knows there stuff about cards Idea for the comment ''Hey, my thread doesn't seem to be getting much attention, mind taking a look _______'' blank space is for the link, they should reply with a good ''Sure'' if this don't work then im not sure what will

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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