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yugioh prelude to desteny

blue eyes 96

is this a good or bad fan fic  

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  1. 1. is this a good or bad fan fic

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this is my first fan fic so bear with me now I need some characters so i'm going to let you guys make it so heres the character form i made a sample for the main character

Name: zethron

Hair: black with blond highlights

Dorm: saffire

deck: Blue eyes fury ( mostly dragons )

spirit: sea koala (optanal)

bio: a energetic freshman duelist at neo duel academy in the saffire dorm


this fan fic is going to take place at a new duel academy with three dorms

the best saffire

second best emerald

worst ruby

feel free to ask questions

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Did your creativity well run dry? You need characters from us, the readers, who expected at least a prologue?


Okay, sorry. I realize this is your first story AND you're a new member. But remember, getting new characters from US might not be such a good idea, especially if you don't have anything that looks like a story yet.

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