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Morphtronic Celfon x 3

Morphtronic Radion x 2

Morphtronic Scopen x 3

Morphtronic Remoteon x 3

Morphtronic Boomboxen x 2

Cyber Valley x 3

Gorz x 1

Morphtronic Slingen x 2

Morphtronic Boarden x 2



Morphtronic Map x 3

Heavy x 1

MST x 1

MR x 1

B - Con x 1

Morphtronic Accelerator x 3

Junk Box x 3

Mind Control x 3

Machine Dupe x 3



Mirror Force x 1

Torrential Tribute x 1



Extra Deck:

Magical Android x 1

Ancient Fairy Dragon x 2

Stardust x 2

Red Dragon Archfiend x 1

Colosall Fighter x 1

Dark Strike Fighter x 2

Goyo Guardian x 1

Black Rose Dragon x 1

Thought Ruler Archfiend x 1

Arcanite Magician x 1

Armory Arm x 2



For Ancient Prophecy with the Ancient Fairy Dragons.

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If you EVER get a chance to use Gorz, you're doing it wrong.


-3 Remoten

-1 Scopen


-Brain Control

-Mystical Space Typhoon

-3 Mind Control


+1 Boarden

+1 Radion

+3 Forcefield

+Cyber Dragon

+Future Fusion

+Overload Fusion


-2 Ancient Fairy Dragon (Map misses the timing if it's used. >.> Seriously.)

-Arcanite Magician

-1 Armory Arm


+2 Chimeratech Overdragon

+1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

+1 Black Rose Dragon



I just realized that I forgot Limiter Removal. find space for that. The best candidate for removal is a copy of Slingen.

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