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Hey im gonna post one of my decks that i recently made for my cousin who is just getting into this game with doubles. i would like to see if this would be a good begginers deck for him. here it is.



(1)Fusion Monsters:

King Dragun



Lord of Dx2

Divine Dragon Ragnorak

Felgrand Dragon

Darkblaze Dragon

Decoy Dragon

The Masked Dragonx2

Two Headed Behemothx2

Tyrant Dragon

Luster Dragon

Spear Dragon

Mirage Dragon x2

Spear Cretin

Blue Eyes White Dragon

The Creator

The Creator Incarnate

Snipe Hunter



(10)Spell and Magic Cards:



Lightning Vortex

Heavy Storm

Mausoleum of the Emperor x2

Foolish Burial

The Shallow Grave

Big Bang Shot

The Mystic Wok

Double Summon


(10)Trap Cards:


Damage Condenser

Sakuretsu Armor

Malevolent Catastrophe

Dust Tornado


Counter Counter

Mask of Weakness

Call of the Haunted

Altar of Tribute

Enchanted Javelin

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