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new cards plz rate


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First one sounds too similar to Pitch Dark Dragon. Most of these cards aren't particularly helpful or original, but I do like Call to Action. It's overpowered, though. It needs some sort of cost (a high one. take a look at skill drain) and you should remove the ATK increase.


Second chance currently takes your opponent's removed-from-play cards too.


Dragon's Fury isn't amazing, but it's useful without being overpowered.


You've got some potential, so keep it up.

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Aiku: My eyes! Vanillas!


OCG: It's a bit beated, but still capable of walking. Good thing, since I saw many 1 star member with terrible OCG in my time here >x>... Even thought I'm just 3 stars.

one = 1

spell/ trap = Spell or Trap

Once per turn = Once per turn,

destroy a Spell/Trap = destroy 1 Spell or Trap

Effect: The effect are good for a first star member, except that there's vanillas. I'm sure you can find effect for them.

Image and Name: The image are good, but some of them doesn't fit well with the name. "Pitch Black Dragon", for exemple, more look like a dragon which is going into a object or is absorbed by something.


Overall: 6.2/10

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