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Troubleshooting my Touhou YGO Project

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OK, I seriously KNOW that I'm going to be having problems with the remainder of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. Again, curse you ZUN for creating such beautiful danmaku patterns!


As I write this, I'm scouring the Touhou Wiki for Spell Card patterns that exemplify the characters they'll go with, and give them suitable effects. So far, I've only got 'Spell Card - Illusion Sign "The World"' written up, which will be one of the two cards given for Sakuya Izayoi (it IS one of her most famous, after all).


So, I need you all to weigh in on cards as they're posted up -- weigh in on their effects, rating them, fixing the OCG -- so that I can turn out the best product I can. I hope that I can finish this project . . . I intend to do each of the Windows Series games (including the two fighting Gaiden Games, 'Immaterial and Missing Power' and 'Scarlet Weather Rhapsody', plus some of the non-game characters [e.g. Rinnosuke, Akyu, etc.]).


If you want more information about Touhou Project so that you may better weigh in on it, go to this Wiki and browse -- the game I'm currently working on is 'Embodiment of Scarlet Devil', Touhou 6.


Activate this card at the start of your Main Phase 1 by selecting 1 "Touhou - Sakuya Izayoi" you control. The selected card is the only monster that can attack or change its Battle Position until the End Phase' date=' and no other Spell or Trap cards can be activated this turn. A monster that would be destroyed by battle with the selected monster is instead destroyed after the End Phase of this turn (it is treated as being destroyed by battle).[/quote']


^ Need people to weigh in on this "Spell Card" Spell Card, possibly OCG fix it if it needs it.


OK' date=' this isn't the actual card text at the moment. I'm kind of STUCK on that, and I'll tell you why. Remember Magic Drain? Well, I'm TRYING to do something similar, except this card will have 2 effects: Effect 1 will be Summoning 'Touhou - Cirno' from just about anywhere sans RFP, but Effect 2 is that it can destroy a card on the field (unless the opponent does something easy like reveal a card in their hand or draw a card, not sure), but the activation of Effect 2 is optional and performed seperately -- so I can't just rip from Magic Drain without utterly killing Effect 1. So if someone could help me with the wording for this card, I'd be really appreciative.[/quote']
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