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Supreme Elf


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OCG fix:Flip:When this card is flipped in face up position your opponent takes 500 damage to his/her life points for each card in his/her hand.At the end of yours turn your may set this card back in face down Def position.


Pic is blurry.7/10

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Okay for a new member.


Blurry pic




FLIP: Your opponent takes an amount of Direct Damage to their Life Points equal to the number of cards in their hand x 500. During your End Phase, you can switch this card into face-down Defense Position.


A few thoughts:

i) It's a very powerful effect, so you'll want to reduce the DEF.

ii) Either that, or reduce the amount of damage to 100 per card.

iii) Or add a cost, such as discarding a card to flip it back into face-down Defense Position.


Work on it. 6/10

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