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here are the rules for my contest


entry fee- 2 points


1- 3 rep and 5 points

2- 2 rep and 5 points

3- 1 rep and 5 points


contest ends-june 25 at 5pm eastern time (1 pm pacific), finsihed rankings will be posted on june 28


card requirements-

it has to be divine,

it has to have an effect,

can't be be overpowered or underpowered,

has to have good OCG and no editing after it is posted unless it is minor,


People Entered

- Ovechkin Rocks

- chrid 97

- blue eyes 96

- darkspinedude12345678910


and that is it so start posting

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contest entered and points sent



sorry for the mistake i will re post the effect.


Effect- When this card is on the field your opponent may not summon any Dark or Light monsters to the field. When this card is attacked by one of your opponent's monsters that monster is removed from play if "The Ultimate Beast From A Different Dimension" is destroyed. This card can not be effect by your opponent's Spell, Trap or Monster Effects.

sorry but i read the rules and your contest isn't within the rules. read the contest rules in the contest important threads to get the full set of rules

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