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How to make a good card to everybody rate for it?

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this is what i look for while rating a card.


1: effect monster. nomals are boring and take little to no effort to make.

2: the effect of the monster. i don't like ATK/DEF bonus effects. make them interesting.

3: balence. doese the ATK/DEF stats balence out with the level and effect of the monster.

4: OPed? if the card is OPed(overpowered) like having 9999ATK and is a level 12 then its OPed.

5:pic. try finding a clear pic with a background. also pics that are stretched don't look good.

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No Normal Monsters. Use Effect, Spirit, Gemini, etc. OP'd is a no no. Pic should be clear, no borders, and no text inside the pic. Balance it out. Never make DIVINE or Divine-Beast-Types. Give it a longer and unique effect. Try to make at least 2-3 cards at once that work well with each other. Card Name should be unique i.e. instead of "Darkness Dragon" you could name it "Dragon of the Shadow Crystal" or something.


That should get you some attention.

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