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My First Mini Set. Plz Say Something. Anything.


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Quite good, but there are some recurring errors.


i) All the pics are blurry. If you want me to, I could try and find some better ones for you.

ii) Your OCG needs work:

'...normal summoned or set...special summoned...one...graveyard' =

'...Normal Summoned or Set...Special Summoned...1...Graveyard'

iii) The summoning conditions seem to be unbalanced. For example, the higher-leveled monsters only require 1 monster to be removed, yet the lower-leveled monsters require 2 or even 3 to be summoned.

iv) The ATK/DEF seem a bit high for all of them.

v) The effects are all a bit samey. Try to be more imaginative. And come up with some support (Spells and Traps).


6/10 (Work on them and this will go up.)

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