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Whitch Lady LV7


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Aiku: I use my most powerful effect!

Witch: You can't do that, while I'm on the field.

Aiku: 8D ... You got to be kidding me! DX


OCG: The "Witch" type doesn't exist in realistic YGO cards, please replace it for Spellcaster. And I saw 1 major OCG error.

As long as this card remains face-up, negate the effects of all your opponent's Effect Monsters.

Effect: The effect would be good, but we need to see the LV5's effect to make a clearer judgement on it.

Name and Image: I thought at the beginning I'll see a witch, but what I see is an elf with a staff and brushes in her other hands. Switch the "Witch" to "Artist", if not go find an another image for it.


Overall: 6.0/10

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