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Six Samurai Toolbox/Recycle-fest Deck. ~Urgent Assistance Required!~

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Hello all. A long time ago, I had a Six Samurai deck. Yes, it was a rather prosperous deck which won me many a duel, however, I scrapped it after realising that I wouldn't get anywhere without Shiens and Enishis. After recently obtaining 1 Shien and 2 Enishis, I thought, "Hey, why don't I remake my Six Samurai deck once again?". With that, I decided to go back to the very first version of my samurais: Samurai Toolbox. Now, the deck is currently at 46 cards, which is unacceptable. This is because I just meshed together a list of potential cards for the deck and posted it here for the sole purpose of someone helping me sort them. I want it at 40 cards, and as such, I will be requiring your help.


Now, this is planned using only cards I know I have in my posession. I'm not someone who goes up against DaD, LS, and Blackwings. The decks I usually go up against are Fun Frogs, Monarchs, Gladiator Beasts, Evil Heroes, amongst other things, and I usually play with my friends. I have yet to play at my local, but they aren't all that competitive either.


Help will be greatly appreciated!


3 x Grandmaster of the Six Samurai

2 x Enishi, Shiens Chancellor

1 x Great Shogun Shien

1 x Hand of the Six Samurai

3 x The Six Samurai - Zanji

2 x The Six Samurai - Yaichi

2 x The Six Samurai - Irou

1 x The Six Samurai - Kamon

1 x Spirit of the Six Samurai

3 x Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind

2 x Krebons

1 x Card Trooper

1 x Morphing Jar


x 23. =/


3 x Six Samurai United!

1 x Reinforcement of the Army

3 x The Warrior Returning Alive

1 x Card Destruction

2 x Foolish Burial

1 x Monster Reborn

1 x Heavy Storm

1 x Mystical Space Typhoon

1 x Monster Reincarnation

1 x Emergency Teleport


x 15


2 x Dark Bribe

1 x Mirror Force

2 x Double Edged Sword Technique

1 x Return of the Six Samurai

2 x Phoenix Wing Wind Blast


x 8


Total: 46 (If I counted correctly).


NOTE: Blackwing Gale the Whirlwind is in there because, simply put, I like him. I also love the concept of Blackwings, but I abandoned that deck idea because it's overused, but I still wanted to use the tuner in my Samurai Deck so I can still use their Synchros etc, and because this particular tuner is basically a Shrink on legs.


Other cards like Monster Reincarnation aid in recycling cards sent to the Graveyard via Card Trooper, Foolish Burial etc, for use again and again.


I do not wish to be flamed. I just wish for someone to give me a hand on what to take out. Also, I don't have Solemns - DO NOT RECOMMEND THEM. Nor do I have any Cunnings.

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Meh I know crap about The Six Hams xP

But, yeh Im hoping X-Saber Wayne will get released here..

Then I can plan on making my Warriors Return Swarm

Which focuses on swarming an then re-adding cards from Graveyard back to hand

making me ready for a re-swarm incase of stupid mirror force abusers LOL

Would be nice to duel em against ur Six Hams


On a more serious note on this deck, consider running unity of family.

But ofcourse you'd have to keep ur deck at Warriors only shame eh?

An it's a Japanese card so getting ur hands on it would be eh..


Here's the effect:

If all of the monsters in your Graveyard are of only 1 Type, all face-up monsters you control of that Type gain 800 ATK.

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Can't you read? Ugh.


I said I required help with cutting it down to 40, like all my other decks. Not 'State The Obvious' or 'Tell Me What I Said In My First Post.'


In short: I Know. I'm not some stupid newbie who doesn't know about Yugioh. I'm a rather competitive player who has played for many years and, as such, I have many decks - each individually designed to have no more than 40 cards. Do not take me for a fool - I just want to know what the hell I should be taking out for Samurai Toolbox, as my knowledge is rather rusty.

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Cut it down to 40. Most of the time' date=' you never go above 40, 41 is barely acceptable.



Stupidty just committed a faceplant...

If you read his post, it clearly states he needs help making it 40!

Moron please .-.


Exactly my point. Looks like the Deck Fix forum is brimming with even more morons than the Pop Culture forum, which I myself thought was bad.

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Can't you read? Ugh.


I said I required help with cutting it down to 40' date=' like all my other decks. Not 'State The Obvious' or 'Tell Me What I Said In My First Post.'



Normally, you don't put chunks of text there as very few people will actually read it unless you specify that it explains the strategy.


Just remove E-Tele and Gale. This brings you to 42.


Gale cannot be special summoned by its own effect here and is therefore rather useless.

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