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Nice to meet you i will beat you.

Lost Soul

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Hi people! I am true_madara_uchiha!!!!!! I am a boy, fairly obvious, and i LOVE anime, i have browsed tot he site some before I made me account, so i wont make Bleach, Naruto, and Pokemon cards to often. I am 13, born on April 14, 1996. I used to live in Konaha, Land of Fire =], but since i made the Akatsuki, we had to move.


PS In a card contest i wont beat you, the name was just to get you to enter this post

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A wild true_madara_uchiha appears


Alucard sends out Grammar Nazi


true_madara_uchiha uses Bad Grammar


It has no effect


Grammar Nazi uses RAEG


It's super effective!


Wild true_madara_uchiha faints.


Grammar Nazi gains 9001 EXP!


Welcome to YCM.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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