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The Nightmare Deck

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Because of the new deck maximum rules I had to revise my nightmare deck to 50 cards but it's still pretty powerful.



Caius The Shadow Monarch- 2

Evil Hero Malicious Edge

Evil Hero Infernal Gainer- 2

Doomsday Horror

D.D. Survivor- 2

D.D. Warrior

D.D. Warrior Lady

D.D. Assailant

Banisher of The Radiance- 2

Bazoo The Soul-Eater- 2

Gren Maju Da Eiza- 2

D.D.M.- Different Dimension Master

Necroface- 2

Exiled Force

Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer- 2



Evil Hero Malicious Fiend



Dark Calling

Lightning Vortex

Brain Control

Miracle Dig

D.D.R.- Different Dimension Reincarnation- 2

Nobleman of Crossout

Big Bang Shot

Soul Release

Mystical Space Typhoon

Dimensional Fissure- 2



Bottomless Trap Hole- 2

Karma Cut- 2

Return From The Different Dimension

D.D. Dynamite- 2

Escape From The Dark Dimension

Macro Cosmos- 2

Sakuretsu Armor- 2

Torrential Tribute

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Wow, this is actually fairly decent for a one-star member. Most have 60+ random cards crammed together. There’s actually a theme to this! It can be better, though. I’m guessing your focus is on Doomsday so I’ll give you a better build for it.


Monsters: 19

3x Doomsday Horror

2x Caius the Shadow Monarch

3x D.D. Survivor

1x D.D. Warrior Lady

2x D.D. Assailant

2x Banisher of the Radiance

2x Gren Maju Da Eiza

2x Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

1x Sangan

1x Spirit Reaper


Spells: 14

2x Allure of Darkness

3x Dimensional Fissure

2x Nobleman of Crossout

1x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Brain Control

1x Heavy Storm

1x Reinforcement of the Army

1x Lightning Vortex

2x D.D.R – Different Dimension Reincarnation


Traps: 7

2x Bottomless Trap Hole

2x Solemn Judgment

2x Macro Cosmos

1x Return from the Different Dimension


Total: 40


You might have trouble getting your hand on Allures and Solemns, but Allures will be coming out in Raging Battle Special Edition so they will be easier to get. For the Solemns, replace with similar cards. Basically, build as close to this as you can.

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You don't have to double-quote.


On Topic: Solemn is a pretty rare card, so it's not surprising you're having trouble finding it. Your local card shop might have it.


As an alternative: I'm not sure when it's coming out, but the 2009 Structure deck will have a card called Dark Bribe. Dark Bribe Itself is already out, but I think it will be a common in that deck so it will be easier to get. Dark Bribe is the best Spell/Trap negation card other than Solemn.


Otherwise, just replace the Solemns with similar or other GOOD cards.

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