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Breakfast Dessert


The most important meal of the day...  

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  1. 1. The most important meal of the day...

    • Pop-Tarts
    • Toaster Strudel

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Icing? Ok...


Pop-Tarts have Chocolate Chip flavor. =D


So do toaster strudels, kind of, some have a chocolate filling.

Anyway, I prefer toaster strudels.


Pop-tarts are hard and crunchy, and I don't like my pastries hard and crunchy. =\

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Toaster Strudels


Because every flavor tastes good' date=' and no flavor of poptart tastes edible.


And I would never microwave poptarts, or anything for that matter. Microwaves kill all the flavor and destroy the nutritional value in the food. Bleh.



Then I will be assuming you have not tasted a Pop-Tart. Come to my house and I'll forcibly stick one in your mouth, make your taste buds absorb the taste and make you chew and swallow it. Then you can post again. =\


None of them.


Cup Noddles are WAY better.




I never knew you ate Cup Noodles for breakfast' date=' and I REALLY didn't know they were sweet. =\


I prefer the strudel.


Care to explain?

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Fruity flavored pop-tarts sometimes give me headaches. The ones like Smores don't taste that great, imo. My favorite are the cinnamon brown sugar or whatever it's called. Strudels are just good. I think they are more enjoyable with the traditional white spread icing rather than the somewhat bland icing that pop-tarts have.


Meh, that's my opinion.

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