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My newest card: Card Thief


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Aiku: *being running after the Theif* AHAHAHAH! I got your cards, thief!

Card Thief: Give them back!


OCG: For such a short text, the OCG is absent or took a vacation.

Flip: = FLIP:

one = 1

graveyard = Graveyard

deck = Deck

Plus, you mispelled "Theif" its more like "Thief"

Effect: For a thief, I was expecting like "take a card from your opponent's hand" or something similar to it, but I guess that's not all the thief that keep what they had.

Name and image: It's good, expect that I don't see any clues for what this image would tell us about a card thief. I don't see the cards.


Overall: 6.3/10



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