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Blazropht - Deamon Prince of Chaos (Warhammer 40k!)


What do you think about the card?  

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  1. 1. What do you think about the card?

    • It is (or near) Perfection
    • It is excellent
    • It is one of the better ones
    • Definatly not the best

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~Please rate it as though it were a realistic card~




EFFECT:This card can only be Normal Summoned by sending 2 DARK or Fiend cards you control to the Graveyard. This card is also treated as a Warrior-Type monster. If this card destroys a Level 5 or Level 6 monster, Special Summon it to your field during their next End Phase. If this card is destroyed by a monster in battle, you can discard 2 cards from your hand to bring it to the top of your deck. You may sacrifice this card to deal 2000 damage to your opponents life points.

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