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I have a situation:


My friend and I were dueling, Blackwing vs. Morphtronic...

He summons Blackwing, Gale the Whirlwind. I have Morphtronic Radion on the field. He uses Gale's effect to Cut my Radions ATK in Half. Radion has an original ATK of 1000 and his continuous effect increases him by 800. Gale's effect cuts the ATK of a Monster in Half, but it does not say original ATK. What would my Radion's new ATK be?


I have a multiple choice answer for you:


A: His Original ATK is halved and becomes 1000 / 2 = 500 + 800 = 1300


B: His ATK just becomes 1800 / 2 = 900

And I'm sorry, I just realised that there is a seperate thread for questions like this...

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