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Code Geass - C's World

Dark Mousy

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Remember the scene where C.C. was in England and shot in the head.?!? Well this RP is set in the Geass world at the time of that scene.


Well we had to get there first.


Germany held the Allies off in a stalemate during the E.U. civil war of 1914-1918. In 1917, after a revolution in Russia, the Communist Bloc was established. During this time, the Britannians, who are rising in power, started a war with the Spanish Empire and took some of Spanish Mexico, and Spanish South America.


Then an Uprising of Japan against the Chinese Federation and conquered Manchuria and the West Indies, as well as half of Indochina. Now it is 1932, the tipping point for another war.


World Map:


(it's too big.)


App: Name, Bio, Age, Side (Turkish-Ottoman, Communist, Allies(France-Spanish), Axis, Japanese, Britannian).

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