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My first Machine card!!!


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Designate = target

and 4 what? thats way to much of a cost....

unless u build a deck for him..... AKA level 2 machines for magnetic circle lv2 and machine duplication......

lower the cost to 3 or make it like this

This card cannot be Normal Summoned or set. this card cannot be Special Summoned exept by tributing 2 or more machine-type monsters whose combined levels equal 10. you can negate your opponent's effects that target this card.


and bump its ATK up.....to about 3500, now cuz dogma, super conductor tyrano, and a handfull more could own this guy and they're easy to summon....

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Aiku: I got a bigger robot than yours! Come here Metal Gear Rex!

*Metal Gear Rex is summoned! Mecha LZ404 iz FIRRING HIS LAZER! Metal Gear Rex got pwned!*

Aiku: Oh... that's sooo not cool, dude.


OCG: Few OCG errors.

offering = Tributing

LV4 = Level 4

Machine Monsters = Machine-type monsters

on your side of the field = you control.

Spell,Trap and Monster Cards = Spell, Trap and Effect Monster.

Effect: As a Machine-type that requires a very specific Level monsters to be summon for an average effect, I would be glade to have it, but only happy.

Image and Name: Goes well together, thought the image is a bit dark, making it a bit depressing.


Overall: 5.7/10

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