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My Doomsday deck


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I have an unbeatable deck; my 'Doomsday deck' i call it!!!




2 Dark Armed Dragon

3 Warwolf Geno perveti

3 Krebons

3 Mindwarper (Exclusive card from Japan Promos i got to japan to buy it)

3 Fracas the Magic Warriior

2 Goblin Elite assault troop

3 Berserk Gorilla

3 E-Hero Wildheart




3 Lightning Vortex

3 Ookazi

2 Teleporter (Annother Exclusive that costed me 85 $)

3 Hinotama

2 Recycle




3 Trap Hole

3 Deformer Trap Hole (Promo from Japan)

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The following cards did not show up on Wikia (Which lists all the cards, even promos and ones that don't exist), Google, Yahoo, MSN, or any other searchi engine.


Warewolf Geno Perveti, MindWarper, Fracas the Magic Warrior, Goblin Elite Assault Troop, Deformer Trap Hole


Therefore, you have posted fake cards, and we'll be reported for spam.

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It's not stupid to report it. It's the right thing to do. I've gotten a bunch of n00bs banned by doing that. (but they deserved it). Now there's this guy that negged me cause I negged him for spamming. Anyway, why would someone put fake cards in a deck?

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cause they're nOObs and they want you to think that they have the "RAREST" cards when really all they have is a shoebox full of crap.


This guy was especially a nOOb when he put fake cards instead of real cards.


The nOOb move I made was anouncing to everyone that I've reported him. That's like me saying, "I'm telling on you" or something. It wasn't the fact that I reported him.

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