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I'm the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend


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25+ work.

Export & import of Illy & Photoshop.

Photography 1 hour.


Text = Vectored.

Logos = Vectored.

Tech circle = Vectored.


Yes I might share my template =/

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Water + Tea + Rice = I can stay awake.


Vectoring just takes a hell lot of time for me so this was a peace of cake. The hardest thing I did is make an exact copy of my friend. Yes I may post it. It's 10, 0000 * 10, 0000 72 hours. Not straight but I had 3 to 5 hours break. But the point I'm trying to make it, practice xD

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It looks sorta messy tbh.


Overused the texture?


What's up with you and long titles?


Don't release it. People steal logo's.


25 straight hours of work? That's long.


Didn't you say that your other tech circle was better?


Yeah my old one was waaaaaaaaaaay better imo.


Vectoring Takes Forever. XD


I've Vectored about 3 Things and I promised myself I'll never do it again XD


Royal MAgic Library Is smex


D: inorite? D:

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you used some of the wrond blending techniques...

i would say to put the ygo5ds logo on normal...or get a clearer logo.

tech circle is meh...

you can have mine...

text outline should be blurred.(outer glow) the text bars only need to be as long as the text...

i would say to just use aero font, add bevel, stroke, and outer glow.(5 px on lines and text)

bars could be thicker.

do something with the hole at the top of booster.

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