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lock please


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hello and welcome to 5 card battle. there is going to be 3-5 slots open for this contest each person who gets a slot will have to come up with 5 cards. each round will have different types you need to make. i will be the judge of who's cards are better


to join it is 3 points


what each round winner gets is +1 rep from all losers and 7 points


we do not start till all slots are taken



the rules for round two are 2 monsters 1 field card and 1 equip card and 1 trap card ( monsters have to be fire types )


slot 1:taken by


slot 2:taken by


slot 3:taken by



and if you lose and you don't give rep to the winner you will be put on the banned list for this game



no one




each card gets 20 points so you get 100 total


overall 10 point each card

OCG 5 points each card

picture 5 points each card

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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