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My deck

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Fenrir X2

Hydrogeddon X1

Exiled Force X1

Vorse Raider X1

White Magical Hat X1

Silent Insect X1

The Kick Man X1

Mad Lobster X1

Sasuke Samurai #3 X1

Flame Manipulator X1

Mother Grizzly X1

Ultimate Obedient Fiend X1

Big Tusked Mammoth X1

Warrior Lady of the Wasteland X1

King's Knight X1

Kotodama X1

Lady Ninja Yae X1

Arsenal Summoner X1



Heavy Storm X2

De-Spell X1

Change of Heart X1

Pot of Generosity X1

Armed Charger X1

Dragon's Mirror X1

Sheild & Sword X1

Salvage X1

Graceful Charity X1

Lightning Vortex X1

Pot of Greed X1



Spiritual Water Art - Aoi X1

Ultimate Offering X1

Gryphon Wing X1

A Hero Emerges X1

Reinforcements X1

Gift of the Mystical Elf X1

Soul Ressurection X1

Reverse Trap X1


Total: 40

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Put this in the Your Deck section under Traditional Deck.


It's way to random to help fix, sorry.


I see Dragon's Mirror with no Dragons. Heavy Storm is Limited to one. Read the Ban List under Important Threads in the Your Deck section. Pick a theme, then build your deck around it.

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Have a gander at this deck.




Synchro: Stardust Dragon.


1: Felgrand Dragon, Unifrog, Armored Cybern, Psychic Commander, Magnetic Mosquito, Flame Ruler, Vengeful Shinobi, Gladiator Beast Equeste, Herald of Creation, The Calculator, Ghost Gardna, Guardian Angel Joan, Cold Enchanter, Cannon Soldier MK-2, Dark Resonator, The Creator, Jenis Lightsworn Mender, Snipe Hunter, Morphing Jar, Herald of Orange Light, Simorgh Bird of Ancestry, Darkblaze Dragon, Gilford the Lightning, Decoy Dragon, Atlantean Pikeman, Phychic Snail, Dark-Eyes Illusionist, Spear Cretin, Gladiator Beast Andal, Dark Crusader, Miracle Flipper, Darknight Parshath, Oyster Meister, Destiny Hero-Departed, Ryko Lightsworn Hunter, Twin Sheild Defender, The Creator Incarnate, Twin Headed Behemoth, Dharc the Dark Charmer,Tyrant Dragon, Magestic Mech-Goryu, Arcana Force IV Emperor, VI Lovers, VII Chariot.


1: Silent Abyss, Kaiser Sea Horses, Telekinetic Shockers, Masked Dragons.




1: Soul Exchange, Wetlands, Junk Barrage, Terraforming, Giant Trunade, Foolish Burial, Psi-Impulse, Mystik Wok, Lightning Vortex, Cup of Ace, Big Bang Shot, Brain Control.


2: Domino Effects, Fighting Spirits.




1: Fish Depth Charge, Magic Jammer, Alchemy Cycle, Light Spiral, Draining Shield, Rainbow Life, Judgement of Thunder, Sakuretsu Armor.


3: Synchro Defelctors.

Try to get cards that work together like these.

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