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You don't be on the internet very often do you' date=' [b']their is a banner for it on almost every site i look around[/b], its an online rts mmorg if you didn't no


That's...probably why I don't know about it.

I have stuff like ads and commercials, et cetera, blocked because they irritate me and such.

It's probably good, it probably isn't. Who am I to judge? (A good gamer like myself and a person who has known the internet for some time ;) )

Oh well. Have fun, =/

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i made an evony thread and then i saw this it is well good but when you play it for ages it gets boring i saw a link on you tube and i live on you tube and then it hypnotised me into playing it cause there was a lady with a sword drawn to her boobs.


Look who it is - someone who can't use proper grammar.


I never heard of it, but I have seen alot of ads for a internet game so it may be one of them.

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I have recently found myself playing this quiet a lot lately and was wondering was anyone else playing it or have any of you played it, what did you think of it, so discuss it if you want let me no your thoughts on it...


i play evony on server:





and others


im awesomely n00bish


I was just watching a review of Gears of War 2 on YouTube and an add poped up about this game. I am NOT interested in it, however, it looked decent.

the ads have no relevance to the actual game

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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