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This is my first RP.


Start out with 500 DP.

Info in DP on the "Booster Packs" Spoiler

If you want a booster pack, send me a PM and wich pack you want.

*If you buy a booster pack, I will give you 5 codes for the cards of the pack.



Name: Ace Abner

Personality: Cautious

Likes to: Duel, Watch campers duel

Pic. (Optional):

Duel Disk (Optional):

Extra Info.: Is the camp Counsellor

Deck: Mount Olympian Deck


[spoiler= Plot]During a regular day, you can duel anywhere in teh camp with other campers, swim, Run around a track, Eat, Buy from the school shop, Arts and crafts. During a regular night, you can: tell ghost stories, Duel, or go to sleep. Pls Send me some cards for the Booster packs.



[spoiler=Booster Packs][spoiler=Information]If you want a booster pack, You can spend 3 Points to buy one, or spend Duel Points to buy them. I said this in PLOT but, Pls send me some created cards for the booster packs. The more cards you give, the more packs I will make.

[spoiler=BOOSTER PACKS ( 5 cards in each pack)]starterpack.jpg

Do you want some quality cards for a cheap price? Well then here is the pack for you. Comes with quite a few Normal Monsters and some Useful spell and trap cards

*NEW Starter Pack = 50 DP


Desire beakon is F-U-L-L of cards that can increase drawing capabilities and Search your deck.

*NEW Desire Beakon = 115 DP


This set comes with a bunch of DARK and Fiend-Type monsters. Some of wich have FLIP effects!

*NEW Flipping Fiends = 135 DP





Likes to:

Pic. (Optional):

Duel Disk (Optional):

Extra Info.:



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Yeah, you guys are accepted. Jeroukoo, you can make your deck, you just have to buy the booster packs. Unless it is a created deck, then you can submit them and I'll put them in the booster packs.


Or If you guys want your decks, If you send me a list of your deck, I can make you lucky with the booster packs *Wink *Wink

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Sweet then I am in.


Name:Aren (pronounced AH-rin)

Personality:Quiet, shy, but easily angered

Likes to:duel, read, make friends

Pic. (Optional): [spoiler=My Pic]yoshi.jpg


Duel Disk (Optional):

Extra Info.:

Deck:Custom cards


I will pm you my deck when i have more time.

Image from Photobucket.com

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