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My Elemental Hero Cards

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Wow, these cards are terrible. All of them have incredibly poor card wording. You need to look up existing cards that have similar effects and learn how they word the card then apply it to your own cards.


Hero's Last Stand:


You just ripped the pic for Elemental Hero Sparkman and it's not really fitting for the name of the card as well. Furthermore, there's a card that does this already and much better. It's called Hero's Bond and the effect of it is this:


Activate only while there is a face-up "Elemental Hero", "Destiny Hero", or "Evil Hero" monster on the field. Special Summon 2 Level 4 or lower "Elemental Hero" monsters from your hand.




Neos Wingman:

Bad picture and Air Neos is pretty much the equivalent to this looks wise.


Not necessary to state that contact fusion does not apply to the card. Contact Fusion is the term given for the gimmick but is not actually used as part of the card wording. You would only need to mention the contact fusion requirements when the card would actually be fused through contact fusion.


Although the idea of being able to Fuse Neos with more than Rainbow Dragon is nice this card is underpowered. I wouldn't want to Tribute 1 monster to destroy 1 when I can pitch a card and do the same with Plasma Viceman or Thunder Giant. The drawback of RFGing Neos if it's destroyed is an unnecessary drawback and makes me want to use the card even less.


Future Flame Wingman:

Again bad picture.


This is just a specified fusion card for Flame Wingman why exactly would I want to use this when I have Fusion Gate, 3x Polymerization, Miracle Fusion, and Future Fusion to do something similar. It's highly inconsistent and not necessary at all.


Elemental Flare: Lightning:


It's Sparkman again which you've already used for Hero's Last Stand. If it's a Ritual Summon you should just follow the Ritual Summon text of sending monsters whose levels are equal to or greater than the level of the ritual monster. I do like the fact that it returns Sparkman to your hand.


Last Spark Man:


This is Thunder Giant so don't use the pic for an entirely different monster. Other than that the effect is pretty nice but it doesn't really follow the standards for Elemental Heroes.

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