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Small-length Card-making Contest


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This is the first contest i made so far...


[spoiler=Rules]1. This contest is free

2. There will be five 2 day rounds once i get all people

3. I will accept 6 contestants.


[spoiler=prizes]6th place = a neutral rep (you may refuse it)

5th place = 5 points

4th place = 10 points

3rd place = a positive rep

2nd place = 10 points and a positive rep

1st place = 5 points and two positive reps


[spoiler=Current Theme][spoiler=Option 1]Make a Field Spell Card designed only for sea serpents. Then, make a level 8 Sea Serpent

[spoiler=Option 2]Make a level 9 or 10 monster that can be normal summoned by tributing 3 monsters.



[spoiler=Contestants]1.Ovechkin Rocks (card)

2. Crisis King

3. gil2m (card)

4. ANBU_Leader

5. TheWorm55

6. froggyman2


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Dragon king's guard+Dragon king's guard+Dragon king's guard

when this card is summoned destroy all dragon type monsters onthe field execpt this card. this card's original atk and def points are equal to the combined number of dragon type monsters in your graveyard when this card is summoned * 500

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Here's Myn



[spoiler=Flame Dog - Spawn of Cerberus]274752m.jpg




[spoiler=Cerberus - Dog of Flames]


Flame Dog - Spawn of Cerberus + Flame Dog - Spawn of Cerberus + Flame Dog - Spawn of Cerberus


This card can only be summoned by removing from play 3 "Flame Dog - Spawn of Cerberus" in face up attack position on your side of the field (this is treated as Fusion Summon). When this card is selected as a target of a spell or trap you can bring one Fire monster that is removed from play to your graveyard to negate the effect and destroy the card. if this card is destroyed in battle with a Fire or Water monster draw three cards, Special Summon any monsters in them and discard the rest to the Graveyard.



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Here is my entry.


'Revival Dragon' + 'Revival Dragon'

When a WATER monster is Special Summoned from the graveyard, it gains 300 ATK and DEF. Once per turn, you can discard 1 5 star or higher WATER monster to Special Summon 1 4 star or lower WATER monster from your graveyard.



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