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NOW HIRING ANYBODY! The Zwang Discount Center ( Everything 1 point and below)


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Welcome to The Zwang Discount Center. We edit you guys' cards so feel free to order.

I do inverts recolors holos, Advance holos, glow effects and grayscale.

[spoiler=Shop Items][spoiler=Holo] 1 point 2m5nwk0.jpgForm



[spoiler=recolor]10q05c6.jpg1 point


[spoiler=inverts] free-2i0u6q0.jpgCard: 13z1g8y.jpg


[spoiler=Booster Packs]1 point otofaa.jpgName:

Text Color:


[spoiler=glow effects] 1 point-1smbk7.jpg200b9zm.jpg


[spoiler=Here are the different holos.]

Holo 1-33cnfwg.jpg

holo 2-2cwljl.jpg

holo 3-vwzrdi.jpg

holo 4-desertcactusholo5.jpg

holo 5-2zqtxdj.jpg

holo 6-poisopal.jpg



All these holos can be done in Advance holo form. So order up =D

Enjoy =D

Repeat "all holos 1 point"

Please rep me BUMP!

[spoiler=Workers List]


raty2210-holoer 3

legendarylight-holoer 2/recolorer


We are now hiring just tell me what you are good at. i will see what I can do.

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If anyone reads this yes there is a sale. Why? Because for your inconvience This computer is having problems and has trouble with the internet. :(

Also no one elses has the right files and I cant download them.

So Everything is free til I get my computer working so please order up.

I probably can get back within 2 days. :D

This was

Also how do you do the click to view and click to hide stuff?

OK guys thankfully my mom fixed the issue but I still give sale for extended period.........

3 days from now.

Order up!

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