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First we add 1 Zombie World, next we add a hint of Earthbound and...WAHLA!!

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x3 Earthbound Immortal Uru

x2 Il Blud


x3 Zombie Master

x1 Mezuki

x1 PSZ

x2 Goblin Zombie

x2 Pyramid Turtle

x2 Sacred Crane

x2 Armeggedon Knight

x1 Breaker



x3 Zombie World

x1 Terraforming

x2 Allure

x3 Book of Life

x1 Monster Reborn

x1 Heavy Storm

x2 Book of Moon

x2 Foolish Burial

x1 CoSR



x3 Dark Bribe




EXTRA: generic




x3 Iron Wall

x2 Bottemless

x2 Trap Eater

x2 Brain Golem

x2 Krebons

x1 Terraforming

x2 Earthbound Whirlwind

x1 Sangan



Suppose to go super fast and take complete field advantage. With Zombie World, Earthbound Immortal Uru can be easily Summoned by cards like Il Blud, Book of Moon, or Mezuki. Then I can use his effect for easy monster removal, specially due to the fact that Zombies swarm, fast. So my main focus is: speed, field advantage, win?

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Double coston?


Uru is the only double tribute monster. But I only have Zombie World for a field spell, and the problem with that is that no monsters can be Tribute Summoned except Zombies, which Uru isn't. Thats why I'm relying on Special Summoning him from the Graveyard.

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I already know about this. That is why I am not focusing on Tribute Summoning him. I plan on reviving him with Book of Life or Il Blud or Mezuki while Zombie World is out.


I have also been testing this Deck. It is fast, and I can get Zombie World out fast and so Uru. I can swarm fast, but I'm having a few problems. The Deck needs more Spell/Trap card destruction, and more Synching. Also, the Deck I had this go against was my Gigaplant Deck with Kycoos and a Grand Mole. Kycoo was a bother, but I might just add them to this Deck.


Syncrow: There are Whirlwinds in the side Deck.

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