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The King hath locked himself within his castle.

He hath barricaded the doors, and positioned the Royal Archers above the facades.

The job of thine army is to enter the King's castle and kill those inside.


The Castle is strong, and covered in enchantments placed by the Magicians most foul.


Take down the Castle in any way possible...


Phase 2:

Within the castle, a portal is created by the magicians.

Thoust goeth through the portal, into an alternate dimension.


Within this dimension, thou finds a giant monster, thou must defeat the Monster in any way possible.


Phase 4:

Thou hath defeated the Swarm.

They hath opened the way to a Pit of Doom...

And at the bottom of the pit, is the Leviathan!!!!!!

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dints? u mean dents i shoot the archers not the castle now i can think without arrows flying at me

that doesnt destroy the castle


I create a black hole and place myself in a container with so much mass that I cannot be sucked in.

The magicians had actually already moved the castle hours ago, the one "destroyed" was a mirage.

The other magicians from the alternate dimension are killed by protective spells placed on the mirage castle.

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