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Not all attacks are from the field...


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[align=center]This isn't a revolutionary new idea. Basically you get to attack your opponent directly with a low level monster with a small LP fee. The good thing is the attack is from your deck. This means cards like "Spellbinding Circle" or "Sakuretsu Armor" couldn't work.


You can't destroy a monster while its in a Deck, and Spellbinding Circle fails because the card is not on the field so its not being controlled technically.


This can be very effective during the game. I'll still working out the rules of use and the theme that These "Deck Strike" monsters are based on. Enjoy...




Image Credit: Father Wolf[/align]

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How about you can only use 1 deck strike per turn for every occupied monster zone you have. And also reduce the attack of deck strikers from 1000 to 100-500 zone. That would make these cards less broken.

I could imagine a deck striker deck based around swarming the field with tokens, trying to maintain a constant field presence, while also dealing massive burn damage. Also the ability to shuffle your deck for free during your battle phase would make this card pretty splashable in certain decks. (I assume you take the card out of the deck, declare the attack, then put it back and shuffle the deck)

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