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Sacred Crystals


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Monsters: 20

x3 Hamon

x3 Pegasus

x2 Tiger

x2 Cat

x2 Charbucle

x1 Mammoth

x1 Eagle

x1 Tortise

x1 Kuraz

x2 Rescue

x2 Airbellum


Spells: 15

x2 Ruins

x3 Blessing

x3 Beacon

x2 Promise

x2 Rare Value

x3 Abundance


Traps: 7

x1 Torrental

x3 Solemn

x3 Beast Soul Swap





Total: 42


i tried as hard as i could to get it to 40 but after testing it, most of this was needed, give me some idea on what to neg

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i wanna try and keep it below 43, as for defenses, it's not smart placing in a bunch of traps, keeping it low for the CB's in the spell and trap zone is important for things like abundance or summoning hamon


and since alot of the CB's are beasts, i could use soul swap to tag in pegasus and get another CB in my spell and trap zone so this actually works pretty well

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