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gil2m vs kotaro vs josh=jaden start voting


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gil2m: 0

kotaro: 1

josh=jaden: 0

3 way! anyways theme= effect monster any attribute but has to be feind or zombie

1st place gets 6 reps!! (it probably wnt be me)

heres my card


roll a dice then activate 1 of the following effects

-1 remove this card from play

-2 return all trap and spell cards to their owner's hand

-3 inflict 200 points of damge to yur opponent for every card removed from play

-4 special summon 1 level 4 monster from your hand

-5 your opponent discards 5 cards from their deck

-6 destroy all cards on the field including this card

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ill have a dabble




Effect:This card may only be Ritual Summoned by the Ritual Spell card "Witch Spirit" and by Tributing Two DARK monsters who's Total number of Stars equal 8. If this monster is the only monster you control Summon one "Witch Token(DARK/Fiend/ATK 0/DEF 0) for every Spell and Trap card on your side of the field(maximum 4). Tribute up to Four "Witch Token's" to swap this cards ATK and DEF round so that this card may Attack again directly.

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During the End Phase of the turn that this card is Summoned, send this card to your Graveyard. During your Standby Phase, you can remove from play 2 monsters from your Graveyard to Special Summon this card in face-up Attack Position. Each time this card sucessfully destroys an opponents monster or sucessfully attacks your opponent directly during the turn that this card was Special Summoned, increase your Life Points by 1000.


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