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Smash Bros. Unleashed[PART 2] {076-090}


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This set is becoming to big for one thread. having to many cards in a single thread makes the cards come out slow. so i decided to continue my set in this thread.


I plan to sort out these cards into thier own groups.(Assist Characters, Items, Stages, and MISC. Spells and Traps)


any OCG help and such will be appreciated.



Visit Smash Bros. Unleashed[PART 1]@ http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-121067-post-2203302.html[/align]


[spoiler=Assist Characters]254164w.jpg254164y.jpg




[spoiler=Misc. Spells & Traps]










[spoiler=image credit]google/photo bucket


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They fit nicley but the render is real LQ =S...


sorry to ask but what is "LQ"?


I like them 9.9/10


thanks to the both of you. i wanna add continue spells to the effects of some of the field spells. for example Pok'emon Stadium and Wario Ware.(<---will add sometime)

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fish-eye you making anymore?


sorry i got a little board with the set and its was geting hard trying to find good pics. after making 90 cards i decided to take a break from this set for now.


right now i got in to making a new FIRE set in the any other card section that seems to be doing very well. Thanks for the enquirey. :D



The pokemon standium card should be Pokemon Stadium 2' date=' pokemon stadium is from Melee, while the pic on your card is Pokemon Stadium 2 from Brawl.



oops. i'll have to change that when i get back into making cards for this set. thanks for the look out. ;)

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