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Wolverine: Blood Debt [Read Recap before reading chapter 1]

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For those who aren't all so comic savvy, I am doing a fan fic on Wolverine and the aftermath of him recovering his memory after the House of M event. Read the Recap before Ch 1...



Wolverine took up the Muramasa blade, which he asked Cyclops to hold because he trusted him. The Muramasa blade is a blade that is created all out of Logan's hatred and anger. It is a physical manifestation of his anger that he had created by the dark arts ninja Muramasa. Muramasa tried to take the blade, because of it's power. The blade has mystical properties that allow it to cut through anything. Even Adamantium and Vibranium, though we don't know much about it's effects on Anarctic Vibranium. [EX: Vibranium-Captain America's Shield/Adamantium-Wolverine's skeleton and claws] Also known, the blade's mystic properties don't allow any being to regenerate from it. Meaning, it could cut Logan, and that cut would be permanent.


He had paid blood debt to Sabretooth after years of taking lovers from him and friends. This was only after he went to the grave of his former lover in Madripoor, Seraph. There he saw no body and only carvings on the top that read: ROMULUS


He had attacked Sabretooth on his birthday, the day Sabretooth usually tracks him down and attacks him. Logan drew the Muramasa blade and attacked Sabretooth, and Sabretooth was unknowing about the blade's effects. When Logan cut his hand off, Sabretooth's hand did not grow back and he knew at that moment he was going to die. For the first time ever, he shed a tear, his first and last human emotion he'd ever have. Logan only had such words that have haunted him forever before decapitating him: "Happy Birthday" Logan however, was not at rest. He knew it wasn't just Sabretooth. There was more behind this, it was Romulus.


He later on another trip to Japan found out he had a child [not surprising, it's believed he has three now...] with another lover of his who seemed dead. She was truly killed later on after the birth of the child, whom Romulus sent to live with another Japanese family. When he reached adolescence, Romulus trained him and brainwashed him, to hate his dad, whom he didn't know even was his dad and to use his mutant powers, the same as Wolverine. He, like Wolverine was a seperate race of Mutants called the Lupine. Those among the Lupine known are: Romulus, Wild Child, Sabretooth, Daken and a few others. Romulus being the very first Lupine. Daken met his father eventually, and Wolverine took him back to the X mansion, where Professor Xavier undid the brainwashing. Now Daken wants revenge on Romulus also. [Note: Daken is believed to be Homosexual, that's why I'll just leave it that way too.]


Romulus is supposed to be the most powerful, and first Lupine, being able to stop his aging permanently altogether and the srongest and quickest. He has appeared in several of Logan's dreams about the Lupine race's early past, when there was a monarchy among their kind and they were all united.


Coming up to where I shall be starting off, Logan and a few other Lupine including his son are attacking the birthplace of X-23, his daughter, whom was created by an extraction of his DNA inserted into a volunteer woman scientist. This place is part of the Weapon Plus programs where the different weapon experiments go on, such as Weapon X. Here, where Romulus experimented on people, now resides Kyle Gibney, Wild Child. He is a feline-like Lupine, like Sabretooth, where his nails are very sharp and long. This is where the story shall begin. After Romulus' manipulation of Wolverine's life, and using other Lupine to do it, there are Blood Debts to pay, and it's time to cash in...




[spoiler=Siege of Weapon Plus]




[Weapon XIII Facility-Daken]


Daken looks around. He made sure he hid both his and Laura's scent with his pheromone power. He looked around for a bit. He was trying to be as low undercover as possible. His bones were not bonded with Adamantium yet, and Shiva robots were anything but helpful right now. Those adamantium covered juggernauts were pissing him off right now. He didn't like being trapped in corners. Not that he was claustrophobic...





Wolverine pops his claws and tries to swipe at his foe. Gibney was sure to keep his distance. The swipe fails to even scratch Gibney. Now he applies more force to the choke, the world seems to swirl around wolverine. Colors of black and blue, steel and carbonadium doors. Kyle looks on his foe, expecting much more of a fight. He lets him go, thinking he is dead.



Wolverine's limp body is dropped to the floor, pale and sickly. However, he is not dead yet. He rolls over quietly, but even that can't prevent Kyle from hearing him. Kyle turns around fast, rushing at him, when Wolverine places his claws in front of him...


Wild Child lands fast onto the claws, but his reflex pulls his body back. He has three punctures on each lung, and as he tries to catch breath and recover, Wolverine takes oppurtunity and rushes him. Without use of his claws, he delivers extra blows to Gibney's chest, not allowing him to breath in any air. He raises two elbows above his head and together throws them down over Gibney's skull. Gibney makes haste with a swipe at Wolverine's neck, but misses. Second swipe just cuts Wolverine's favorite old white shirt. Wolverine punches, again aiming at his pectoral muscle, but Gibney grabs his arm and throws him in the direction of a metal wall.



He hears a gunshot ring, and sees Kyle's skull with a small and accurately aimed hole, going all the way through. Still not good. Gibney tackles for Wolverine, Wolverine counters by rolling to the side. Gibney stretches his hand forward trying to take Wolverine again, but this time only to have his hand cut off after Wolverine pops his claws. The hand grows back fast, in fact pretty fast even for a Lupine. Wolverine lunges with both claws, getting Gibney by the ribcage. He lifts him up, and presses him against a Carbonadium wall nearby.


"Y'know we're both his test subjects. This isn't between me and you. I wanna know where Romulus is bub. And if I can't get answers, I have no more use for you. I'm still the best at what I do, no matter what the weapon plus programs try to throw at me. They wanted to create the ultimate weapon, and they have it. Give me answers, now."


Gibney smiled, even in pain.


"You don't think I'd ever give you such information. I know you all too well Logan, I know much that your father was Lupine, I know much more about your life than you used to remember--"


"I didn't ask you to recap what I know already. I remember everything. That's why I'm here. Madripoor. Canada. Russia. I remember it all, and I want it all back. Every life that Romulus has taken from me will come back to haunt him! I'm no longer his weapon. He can no longer 'Keep me in check'. I will chop him into pieces and leave pieces in each grave he set."


"Even if I did know, I'd rather be killed. Noone knows where Romulus is! He is an Enigma, a lord of Lupines, the mastermind of the World! Only his closest could even guess his whereabouts!"


"Why is he hiding then? What kind of coward does such?"


"Not a coward, a mastermind. He knows better. In fact, you probably shouldn't have left either Daken or your blade alone. He is probably retrieving both."


"What is he trying to do with them?"


Wolverine shoved his claws farther through Gibney's chest making the wound fresh again.


"Aghhh... What else? Your son is the new Weapon! Weapon XVI! He shall become the next weapon. He has enhanced versions of you powers, and once bonded with your hatred blade, his claws will destroy gods! Even Captain America's Vibranium shield won't be able to reflect his attacks. But there is one thing. We still need two more..."




"Muramasa and You. You take a guess why. Please, keep getting mad, soon enough, you'll lay down your legacy to your son, and use your hatred to give him power! There is no escape from this facility anymore. We just made a deal with Bastion and his sentinels. They are surrounding the area. You are his now."


Wolverine watched life drain away from another Lupine. Gibney lost all blood. He was no longer among the living...






black-furred lupine in charge orders me to do battle with one of my

brothers. I am too peaceful at heart to do it. Romulus becomes

exaggerated, giving a command for my opponent to proceed and kill me.

The lupine is a savage gold-furred beast. It's outmatched me by

strength and age. I only try to defend myself, but that did not last



I drop to the ground. I want to get up to thrash this monster. The

primal fury flowed in my veins. I was beyond thought. I knew in my

mind that if this savage who cared not for another's life lived, more

deaths would proceed. I couldn't let that happen.


There was a new and abrupt change soon enough. Another second and my

opponent was down. His life drained, and I spat on his discolored eye.

Romulus looked happy, as if he'd found the perfect warrior. One to

work by his side. I try to go away as romuus mentions towards me. He

has summoned me, but I resent his summons.


He grows in anger. He releases another creature, one that had smaller

frame and was covered in fur like myself. However he was also golden-

furred. He attacks me, but this one goes down earlier than the last.

He as faster than I, but not as powerful.


The beast is slain with my claws, which I embedded into his skull. I

then have a revelation in my dream. Not only was I being used, but I

also did what I was trying to prevent. The deaths of others. Because

honestly noone is innocent. I did everything to prevent something,

only to be the one doing it in the end...>




I awake in confusion. Anger fills me at first, but I see allies around

me, and not enemies for once. Laura is there, by my side along with

kitty pryde [shadowcat]. I can smell the familiar smell of a bunker on

a military class copter. I'm in a SHIELD coptor.


"Hey Wolverine, you gonna be okay?"


Kitty tries to ask me nicely, hoping I won't get mad. I hate it when

SHIELD gets involved in my life. They throw it back at you and expect

favors later on. And tony isn't all too different from Fury.


"I'll be fine when I have the head of the guy pulling me like a puppet

on strings on a silver platter, marinated with blood."


"You are seriously cobsidering killing this guy? It's not the way of

an X-Man. And you don't even know if he can be killed!"


"Bub has it coming to him. He can't be jailed or contained. This is

not like dealing with the brotherhood of evil. This is like fighting

Onslaught. He has to be stopped as soon as---"


I am cut off by a brief pain in my neck. I can only grimace in pain.

I calm down a bit. I can only think of what I'll dream of next. Who

I'll look for next. What I'll find. Wild child was no lucky hint. It

was a dead end. I have to think, where could the first mutant species

known as Lupine ever been born? I think I had found an answer and my

next victim. Omega Red...




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Yep, happened on his last recent birthday. The tables turned in that one. Thanks man, I hoped this would come out good, I just need more people to read it. I have a whole book on the history of Wolverine. It was made just this year, so I know a lot...

You know his real name isn't Thomas Logan Right? It's James Howlett...

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Yep' date=' happened on his last recent birthday. The tables turned in that one. Thanks man, I hoped this would come out good, I just need more people to read it. I have a whole book on the history of Wolverine. It was made just this year, so I know a lot...[hr']

You know his real name isn't Thomas Logan Right? It's James Howlett...

Cool, I found out from reading the comics. I know his birthname is James Howlett from Wolverine Origin the comic compilation and I read Wolverine Evolution, now I'm reading the Civil War comics xD.

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