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x3 Infernity Guardian

x3 Infernity Destroyer

x3 Infernity Necromancer

x3 Infernity Archfiend


x3 Rose, Warrior Of Revenge

x1 Cyber Dragon

x1 Snipe Hunter

x1 Dark Creator


x3 Offerings to the Doomed

x2 Final Destiny

x2 Allure Of Darkness

x2 Dark World Dealings

x1 Lightning Vortex

x1 Monster Reborn

x1 Smashing Ground

x1 Mystic Plasma Zone

x1 Brain Control


x3 Reckless Greed

x2 Solemn Judgement

x1 Infernity Force

x1 Mirror Force

x1 Torrential Tribute


Extra Deck

x15 Generic Crap


I know it sucks, but it was fun thinking of things that would go with it.

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