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Member Cards Made Here

.:YuGiOh Freak:.

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Hello this is .:YuGiOh Freak:. If you want a Member Card for your signature I am the person to go to for requests to make them.


How to request for a Member Card.

1. Name you want on the card (ex. Snuffleumpigus)

2. Level on the card (ex. 10)

3. Attribute Type (ex. Light)

4. Card Type (ex. Synchro / Fusion)

5. Card Rarity (ex. Secret Rare)

6. Picture URL (ex. what pic you want on it)

7. Circulation (ex. Limited Editon)

8. Type (ex. Dragon)

9. Description (ex. The 2 bunnies humped and humped all day.)

10. ATK and DEF (ex. ATK/ 1200 DEF/ 9000)

11. Creator (ex. Always Me)

12. Year (ex. 2009)

13. Serial Number (ex. 12345678)


Then when I am done with it I will send you a pm with the img code with spaces so it doesn't automatically go to the image. Then when you are putting it in your sig just remember to take the spaces out.


Thank you for letting me make your Member Card.

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ok yugioh freak I don't get it but ill try to say it.Just to tell you I haven't made this card yet.


1.destruction hero





6.you can do the picture anything that says destruction

7.destruction edition

8.destruction hero

9.when this card is played you can special summon 3 destruction heroes from the graveyard to the field and they cannot be destroyed in battle unless this card is.

10.atk 1000/def 1000

11.destruction hero



oh wait it won't be real

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4.normal effect


6.anything with a clown or kenpachi.... just about anything

7.quit-thinking-with-your-dipstick! edition

8.evil clown/ kenpachi

9. if you go with clown: when this card is set down on the field, scare the living crap out of every child and bunny. you cannot attack this turn if you use this effect. if the effect of this card fails, sacrifce this card into a fire place because you don't deserve to have it.

if you go with kenpachi: flipa coin, if heads, you win. if tails, it's a draw, if on the side, you still win.

10.clown atk: IDC, amke it wat ever. kenpachi atk/def: 8975

11.yugioh freak



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1. Name you want on the card- Ovechkin Rocks

2. Level on the card- 8

3. Attribute Type- Light

4. Card Type- if possible a Dark Synchro if not a regular Synchro

5. Card Rarity- Ultra Rare

6. Picture URL- Any pic of Ovechkin

7. Circulation- Limited Editon

8. Type- Hockey Player

9. Description- 1 Tuner + 1 Non Tuner. When this card is Special Summoned from the Graveyard, you can destroy all the cards on your opponent's side of the field. This monster cannot attack that turn.

10. ATK and DEF ATK- 2700 DEF/ 2000)

11. Creator- Yugioh Freak

12. Year- 2009

13. Serial Number- don't care

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1. Name you want on the card: ironmanben

2. Level on the card: 5

3. Attribute Type: EARTH

4. Card Type: Fusion

5. Card Rarity: Secret Rare

6. Picture: this:


7. Circulation: Limited Editon

8. Type: Machine

9. Description: Once per turn, you can Tribute 1 Machine-Type monster you control to increase this card's ATK by 1000.

1 "Soundwave" monster + 1 "Iron Man" monster

10. ATK and DEF (ex. ATK/ 0 DEF/ 2000)

11. Creator (ex. Always Me)

12. Year (ex. 2009)

13. Serial Number: 666666

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